Gläserwechsel der PRiSMA SpektroChrom Farbbrillen

How do I change the lenses of my color glasses?

The lenses of the SpektroChrom color glasses can be easily removed from the frame and reinstalled if necessary. Many more color combinations can thus be created for versatile and even more individual use.

Removing and reinstalling the glasses is not difficult, but it does require some skill at the beginning and sometimes a little practice. How to do it best and easiest, we show you in this tutorial.

Video tutorial

Here are a few tips for changing the lenses of the SpektroChrom color glasses

Changing the lenses


To remove the lenses, please bend the outer frame (1) slightly upwards and at the same time remove the lens from the press out the center bridge (2). The lens pops out of the frame.

Changing the lenses


For installation, the glasses are each placed in the outer glass groove (1). The frame is bent slightly upwards again so that the lens can be inserted into the front part (2) of the frame bridge. The glass is now pressed into the groove with strong pressure until it clicks into place.

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