Video Games – More Than Just a Pastime

As a gamer, you might sometimes find yourself on the defensive when your beloved hobby is labeled as an unhealthy and antisocial pastime. Because whoever has never been immersed in a video game themselves can hardly comprehend the fascination. And even though we at INNOVATiVE EYEWEAR know about eye strain while gaming (and can offer solutions), we would like to take a stance for the electronic sport at this point.

In the keyhole technique, interventions are performed through tiny incisions. And gamers can do that better.

Surprisingly Positive

Why I Want My Doctor to Be a Gamer

Video games are fun, and for many, playing a round of Fortnite or Call of Duty in the evening is a relaxing ritual. Who would have thought that even scientific research could back that up? Even more surprising, however, is a particularly exciting study, which found that video games show positive effects in treatment-resistant depression.

And while we’re on the subject of medicine: It is well known that most games require good hand-eye coordination and/or train it. This skill is also in high demand among surgeons. This study examines how well physicians perform minimally invasive procedures using the so-called keyhole technique. The results are clear: those doctors who regularly use video games make significantly fewer mistakes and work more accurately.

Eye Protection at the Computer Screen

Solutions for Gamer's Eyes

Just like working at a computer screen, video gaming exposes the eyes to an unnaturally high dose of blue light, often for hours at a time. This not only has acute consequences such as “digital eye strain” or problems falling asleep, but can also affect health in the long term.

The problem is well known, but unfortunately often the solution offered is just an empty promise. If you’re looking for special gamer glasses, you’ll often find clear or only lightly tinted models. These filter out only insignificant amounts of blue light.

At INNOVATiVE EYEWEAR we offer real protection, with the possibility of adapting it to the situation. If color recognition is a priority for gaming fun, we recommend our “lightest” model: the PRiSMA EASY90 nevertheless offers 90 percent blue light protection. Where more protection is needed, there is of course the LiTE95 filter strength with 95% blue light protection or the PRO99 with the highest blue light protection of 99%.

When blue is filtered out, the world appears yellow. In return, however, the contrasts are enhanced...

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