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Blue light protection is a topic that concerns all age groups, but children are particularly at risk. This was noted by the French environmental safety agency ANSES in a review study back in 2010, and confirmed in a new review in 2019. (Findings available in English).

We have gathered together here why this is so and how you can best support your children’s eye health.

The expert review highlights that certain populations are at higher risk from blue light, particularly children, because their eye lens - which protects the retina - is still developing until they are 20 years old.

The expert appraisal highlighted certain populations at higher risk from blue light, particularly children, as their crystalline lens – which protects the retina – is still developing until the age of 20.

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Parents Watch Out!

Children are More at Risk

But why is that? At birth, the vitreous body of the eye is still completely clear and permeable and gradually becomes cloudy during life. What suggests a reduction in vision on the one side is, on the other, the body’s own partial protection against blue light. Children do not yet have this natural protection, so the blue light from room lighting and screens can hit their sensitive retinas unhindered.

Ideally, children should be exposed only to natural daylight and, indoors, incandescent light. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible in our time. Kindergartens and schools are equipped with LED or energy-saving lamps, and only very few parents can enforce a complete renunciation of television and computer use. At the latest at higher school age, working on the computer is also required by the school.

So what can be done to protect our children’s eyes and health as much as possible?

How can we Protect our Children's Eyes?

Optimize Room Lighting

When lighting our own home, we still have the option to choose the type of illumination. Even if incandescent lamps are rarely available anymore, there are still halogen rod lamps and dimmable halogen reflector spotlights for sale. Especially for children’s rooms, this investment in light that is gentle on the eyes and promotes regeneration is worthwhile.

If it must be LED lamps, then please pay attention to good color rendering (CRI or RA >95) and flicker-free, and choose the warm tone variant. (< 2700 K)

Maximize Healthy Light

Children should be out in the fresh air, that is widely known. But it’s not just the fresh air and exercise that make outdoor play so healthy, it’s also the extra dose of natural bright daylight. It has a positive effect on mood and hormonal balance, and can even counteract the development of myopia. (Studies have shown that children who spend at least an hour outdoors each day are less likely to develop myopia than “couch potatoes.”)

Minimize Screen Time

The vast majority of parents limit their children’s screen time, whether it’s TV or computer time. In addition to mental development, the main concern is that children are not getting enough exercise. This is the bottom line of many warnings about excessive media consumption. In addition, it is also important to know that staring directly into LED-lit screens when using tablets and computers, which are also very close to the eye, is particularly problematic for the eyes, even and especially for children.

BluelightProtect by PRiSMA

Use Protective Eyewear

Effective protection against excessive blue light radiation is provided by protection glasses, which filter out the dangerous wavelengths, thus preventing the eye and hormone system from being affected by excessive blue radiation. The PRiSMA KiDS glasses are equipped with the proven BluelightProtect filter LiTE95, which filters out 95% of the dangerous blue rays and can still provide good color recognition suitable for watching TV. The refreshing design may soon make the necessary safety glasses your child’s favorite accessory, which they will not want to part with…

Outside, however, please do not wear glasses (except in bright sunlight!), because the daylight has the optimal composition, so that the contained blue component has a positive effect on health.

Screen time is glasses time

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