Is Blue Light the New Soda?

We all know: sweet, fizzy, caffeinated drinks are not healthy. So do we start our day with a big glass of it? Do we drink them on the commuter train and at work? Do we pour them down our throats on the cross trainer and also enjoy them in the evening when we finally want to relax? And if we can’t sleep at night, do we go ahead and treat ourselves to one last glass of stimulant? Of course not! But then why do we not care that we are doing comparable things to our eyes and hormonal system? Every day for hours on end.

In LED Light PRiSMA Blue Light Filter Glasses are a Must!

Blue light is everywhere these days - In room lighting, screens, street lights and spotlights

PRiSMA Knowledge

Unhealthy Stimulant

Unlike with sodas, not everyone knows how critical blue light can be to our well-being. In addition, we must become active ourselves in order to deal with blue light in a health-conscious manner, because blue light is everywhere today. Simply not drinking is not a solution.

We look at our cell phones, tablets, and the LED screens of our notebooks, monitors, and TVs virtually around the clock. We look into the xenon and LED headlights of oncoming vehicles in the car, walk in the blue of street lights in the evening, and concentrate in the blue light of overhead lights in our office. And what is emitted during supper by our warm white bulb in the hanging lamp above the dining table? You guessed it!

The eyes are the windows of the soul

PRiSMA Know How

Finding a Healthy Approach

On the competence pages of Innovative Eyewear, the German pioneer for blue light protection since 2007, you will learn how to handle blue light as smartly as possible and how to live healthily in blue light. You will learn when and with what you should protect yourself and your children from it. You will understand how it actually came to be that we have to live in the blue light age, and what that means for our eyes, our sleep, as well as our performance and health.

We present studies and also provide information in our blog about the probable harmful effects of blue light on our eyes, our skin and our hormone system.

And, of course, you can choose from a wide range of blue light protection products that have also been specifically developed for your individual area of application and intended use. Because not all blue lights are the same, and what is right for us in the morning is not necessarily good for us in the evening.

Those who know how blue light works can also protect themselves appropriately

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”, Hildegard von Bingen recognized as early as about 1000 years ago. She was right, not only are we looking out, but the world outside is looking in and influencing our well-being. Let’s give our eyes the attention and care that our mind and soul deserve.

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