Interview with our Sales Partner in China – Terry Shi

Terry Shi is the heart of our business in China. Since discovering our BluelightProtect products in 2015, he has worked tirelessly to educate people in his home country about the dangers of blue light, and to make PRiSMA’s high-quality blue light protection available to them. We asked him to recount his experience in his own words. (The interview has been conducted in English and slightly revised)

Terry Shi on Mount Wank, on the occasion of a visit to Innovative Eyewear 2018.

Mr. Shi, how did you get to know our products?

I found out in 2015 that I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hitherto incurable eye disease. Since then, I’ve tried to find good glasses to protect my eyes and slow the deterioration (of my disease).

Why did you decide to work with us, what was your motivation?

As a person with an eye condition who uses PRiSMA filters myself, I knew how valuable these glasses are for people who work with phones and computers. Everyone needs these glasses and many people are harmed by electronic devices. But in China, few people know about the importance of blue light protection, while a majority are affected by the damage every day. Your glasses are hardly known here. We want to make the products available to more people and help them to protect their eyes.

What do you appreciate about the past and current collaboration?

Since I started selling PRiSMA eyewear I have received tons of gratitude from customers who have benefited from PRiSMA. I am happy and feel that my job is valuable because I have helped hundreds of thousands of customers. I also really appreciate the collaboration with Innovative Eyewear, we work closely and well together. Mr. Gerl’s philosophy of “the customer first” is something we both believe in our hearts and work for together all the time.

How important is German competence for you?

German products have a very good reputation in China. PRiSMA as a German brand has excellent technology and quality. It is the best blue light protection in the world.

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